Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors

Ohio River Watershed Celebration

The Ohio River Watershed Celebration (ORWC) began in 2002 with 250 people attending and has grown over the years to nearly 1000 participants from 100 different organizations.  This event brings branches of commerce and industry, history and tourism, environmental stewardship and recreation together to form a pathway to a vibrant future. A pathway where industrial and environmental concerns work together to foster mutual sustainability and where recreation and tourism have "open water" to pursue new and evolving ways of adding value to this region's greatest asset...its watershed.

ORWC Mission

ORWC Vision

To enhance the national significance, quality of life and the natural resources of the Ohio River Watershed in Western Pennsylvania and neighboring states through an annual Ohio River Watershed Celebration accomplished in partnership with watershed groups, non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses, industry, citizens and student

ORWC Awards

The Ohio River Watershed Celebration focuses on the efforts and impacts that small local organizations have had on the restoration of their watershed. These groups are run by dedicated volunteers addressing local issues, but are a very important “cog” in the overall Ohio River Watershed recovery. In 2012 the Ohio River Trail Council received the Ohio River Watershed Celebration Recreational Environmental Award.